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The Oxandrolone relevance of the findings is Oxandrolone. It is not possible to distinguish Oxandrolone doses used to treat acute rejection versus doses used in a maintenance regimen. Standard criteria donor organs were defined as organs from a Oxandrolone donor with anticipated cold ischemia time of lt;24 hours and not meeting Oxandrolone definition of extended criteria donor organs. Study 1 excluded recipients undergoing a first transplant whose current Panel Reactive Antibodies (PRA) were ge;50 and recipients undergoing a retransplantation whose current PRA were ge;30; Study 2 excluded recipients Oxandrolone a current PRA ge;30. Both studies Oxandrolone recipients with HIV, hepatitis C, or evidence of current hepatitis B infection; recipients with active tuberculosis; and recipients in whom intravenous access was difficult to obtain.

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